Haiku on Ice


Thank you Wendy – my “dry flower” post was an inspiration of your Haiku on ice..

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Frost flowers do grow

in January’s garden –

icy blooms delight!



Sleepy little town

under mountain’s icy gaze –

rises to stare back!



Festive scarlet hips

dazzling drops of fiery red –

winter red alert!


On Ice Blessings ~ Wendy

I’ve waited for weeks to capture a “frost flower” ever since I’ve seen one on Gary’s blog.  What are you waiting to capture?

Have a nice weekend everyone!  I’ll be back with a post on Monday.

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Easy vs Important: The Low Hanging Fruit

“The first rule about the low hanging fruit principle is to always watch out for low hanging branches, they’re the ones to take it away from you.” ~ Stephen Richards


Came across this low hanging fruit yesterday which took me back to my recruiting sales job. My mentor would often refer to “low hanging fruit” while explaining about turning a cold client into an actual sale. He used to say – a low hanging fruit is always easy to claim by you and others also but, competitors often run after other fruits. It depends what are you looking for – short term or long term success. In everyday life, we can easily get attracted to the low hanging fruit type tasks. Sometimes it is good to pick those last as they are the ones that take most time to ripen. That also reminds me of “Eat that Frog” (by Brain Tracy) and eating the ugliest one first.

Photo taken using iPhone4 and edited via instagram

Riding Solo

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be ~ Anne Frank



Riding Solo crossed my mind when I observed these yesterday. Everyone needs some alone time to refuel their imagination. If you are currently out of work and/or isolated from your social circle..instead of thinking you are lonely..use your imagination to bring out the best in you. By choice or chance should you be riding solo – this is YOUR time! Everything happens for a reason.

Photos taken using iPhone4 and edited via instagram

Path to Success

My path has not been determined. I shall have more experiences and pass many more milestones~Agnetha Faltskog

During my walk this afternoon, I came across this rocky path. I stopped for a minute, gazed at the path and pondered.. The path to success is not always smooth – it can be rocky, but…there is always a path ~ Pri

Photo taken using iPhone4 and edited via instagram



The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart ~ Helen Keller


Spotted these beautiful heart-shaped leaves yesterday on a deserted walking trail..Amazingly beautiful!

Nature is full of sweet surprises.
Beautiful creations, unusual and rare.
Every time I notice such things,
my heart fills with pure love and joy.
Thank you, dear Nature for the LOVEly formations!

Photo taken using iPhone4 and edited via instagram